iQIYI and Top Artist Daniel Arsham Unveil First-Ever Collaboration on Artwork for "FOURTRY"

-HAIXUNPRESS-iQIYI Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) ("iQIYI" or the "Company"), an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of artworks for its original reality show FOURTRY that is produced in its first-ever collaboration with Daniel Arsham, a leading American contemporary artist. This is also Arsham's first co-branded commercial partnership with a Chinese video streaming platform.


iQIYI and Top Artist Daniel Arsham Unveil First-Ever Collaboration on Artwork for “FOURTRY”

Arsham, best known for his cutting-edge architectural and sculptural designs, partnered with iQIYI to create an exclusive collection of artworks for FOURTRY, the Company's original reality show and hip fashion brand.

The artist presented an art installation, titled "Bronze Fa" as an exclusive gift for the unveiling of FOURTRY SPACE, an experiential retail store in Chengdu ."Bronze Fa" features the traditional Chinese character "發" , and is inspired by a Tang Dynasty calligraphy masterpiece Duobao Pagoda Stele, from over 1,000 years ago. This idea follows Daniel Arsham's distinctive conceptual style termed "Fictional Archaeology" which imagines how familiar objects will look 1,000 years from now and explores the collision of Chinese traditional culture and modern art.

FOURTRY and Arsham have also jointly launched a China limited edition of "Eroded Mahjong" and related accessories including five items: "Art Edition", "Mahjong Keychain", "Mahjong Playing Set", "Dice Necklace", and "Monogram Rug".

Arsham incorporates elements from architecture, performance, and sculpture to guide audiences' understanding of structures, time and space. Apart from his collaboration with international brands such as Rimowa and Adidas, Arsham has also worked with the Japanese animation franchise Pokémon, the German luxury car brand Porsche, and the American fashion magazine Vogue.

FOURTRY advocates a hip lifestyle and attitude that resonates with the sentiment and consumer demands of the Chinese youth. iQIYI recognizes the close tie between pop culture and Chinese youngsters, and is committed to exploring and deploying a variety of content types to meet the need of its predominately young audience group. FOURTRY's collaboration with Arsham represents iQIYI's success in becoming a leading figure in art and pop culture among Chinese youngsters.

FOURTRY has cemented its position as a way for China's young, trendy brands to quickly build their reputations and grab market share. In terms of the commercial marketing path, iQIYI has completed a 'closed loop' from content to consumption. Based on the content of the variety show, iQIYI's collaboration with Arsham has further demonstrated how hot brands can quickly win the hearts of young consumers, establishing brand loyalty and differentiation in a fast-moving and competitive industry.

Recently, Arsham's "Bronze Fa" was exhibited at the INNERSECT 2020, a global fashion, culture and technology event where several other FOURTRY merchandise were on display.

The collaboration between FOURTRY and Arsham demonstrates the interconnectivity between Chinese brands and global pop-culture and the huge commercial potential of the FOURTRY brand and iQIYI. It also is a testament of iQIYI's status amidst the greater Chinese pop-culture and art scene.

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